These three video clips are in "Quick Time" format.  Your computer will require a Quick Time plug-in to run the videos.  (Or some other plug-in that recognizes the ".mov" video file format.)
If you do not already have this plug-in, you may download a free Quick Time plug-in at:

These video files are fairly large (4 to 8 MB).  Depending on your connection speed, they could take several minutes to download.

All videos have been taken in Gwaii Haanas on Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands.
Video #1
Hecate Strait

A panoramic view of Hecate Strait and the entrance to Rose Harbour.  (5 MB)

Video #2
Rose Harbour

A closer look at Rose Harbour, nearby islands and channels.  (8 MB)

Video #3
Pacific Ocean

A view of the Pacific Ocean, two miles from Rose Harbour.  (4 MB)

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